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Ang pagdating ng

Although these goods and articles are not mentioned in the epic, they have been identified as cloth, blankets, swords, betel nut and lime containers, salt, and coconut oil.The Moros depend much on other peoples for their supply of beeswax for caulking their vessels.But Tanagyaw boasts that he has defeated the leader.Upon hearing this, the leader’s son fights him, using a bar of gold.

Kuyasu retaliates immediately by spearing the Moro datu in the chest. Then, he leaves for Sandawa mountain (Mount Apo) to hunt.

Manuel’s sengedurug focuses on Agyu’s son, Tanagyaw. Agyu’s men fight on the seashore of the bay of Linayangon.

As they are losing men, Agyu’s young son, a mere boy, volunteers to meet the enemies; he slays them on the fourth day.

Buy-anon, the daughter, invites him to sit on her lap, but the boy refuses, saying he is merely a boy. He is well received and is offered the young daughter of the datu, named Paniguan. Then he fights the invaders by the seashore; the deaths are innumerable.

She appears, offers him chew, and asks him to be her husband, saying he will be their savior. The leader of the invaders invites Tanagyaw to his country.

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Agyu is the epic of the Arakan-Arumanen or the Ilianon of northern Cotabato in Mindanao.

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  1. By 1895 it acquired its own building, opposite the Governor General's residence - the Queens's House on Queen's Street, currently the Janadhipath Mawatha (President's Street).