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46 male dating in jupiter florida

The best sort of Chattel Slave is one who doesn't realize he is a Slave.

Citizens do not own property (changed in the Declaration of Independence from Property to Happiness by Thomas Jefferson) of any kind.

Witness (Actor) Chris Pawley was also witness in the Manchester Arena false flag (1st place Crisis Acting still goes to CNN's Barbara Star, a witness/relative to 6 False Flag events including Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Pulse Nightclub and 2 ISIS beheadings) Trump says "Study what Gen "Black Jack" Pershing did to Muslims"; Pershing shot 49/50 Muslim prisoners in the Phillippines with bullets dipped in pigs blood" Of course Donald, WWIII is pre-planned to pit Zionism against Islam; Trump is just following the Satanic script. These same Samaritan Satanists illegally control the Levite Priesthood and will minister to Antichrist on Satan's Seat and the Abomination of Desolation (Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron) Idol. Think Jesus is happy hanging from the I-Beam among a forest of Trees in the La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona? Catalin "Pure" comes from the Cathars "Pure Ones"; Sodomite Phoenician (Canaanite) Father-Son Generals Hannibal and Hamilcar Barca instigated the Punic Wars with Rome, resulting in Rome, Salting, Scorching and Pissing the ashes of most of North Africa; they were rewarded with the city named after them Barcelona. Jesus hangs from a metal I-Beam at La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the very definition of Blasphemy designed by Catalin Modernist (Satanist) Antoni Gaudi.

These Arab "Terrorists" seem to always leave their Passports behind; heck on 9/11/2001 a paper passport even managed to find its way out of the sealed aircraft and white hot metal melting inferno before floating down into the white hot debris of the Twin Towers where it miraculously survived and ended up in Rudy Guilliani's limo driver Bernard Kerik's pocket. was Superintendant of the United States Military Academy as a Brevit Col (3 Star General is the Billet) and offered command of the Union Army by head of the Rosicrucians in America (AMORC) Abraham Lincoln; at the start of the Civil War, Lee was chief adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis and lost his US citizenship.

The eclipse crosses the US in 93 minutes ending at Charleston SC.

America is named after the Edomite Serpent god Amurru; Amurru (Ameru means Serpent) Can=Priest of Cain.

Antichrist will lead Worldwide Fascism as King and Priest; hence the Fasces adorn head of AMORC (Rosicrucians in America) Honest Abe's Memorial, the Oval Office Doors, Congressional Speaker's Podium and Supreme Court Doros.

On Sept 23, 2017 the Rev 12:1 sign appears in the heavens Rev 11, 12, 13 describe the 1260 Day "Great Tribulation" from 3 different perspectives; those in Covenant with Jesus will be divided from "Earth Dwellers" Rev 13:8.Leo (Lion) is represented by the Sphinx and Double Crown worn by Pharoahs of Egypt.(Important on Sept 20 and 23, 2017 when the Virgin gives birth to Jupiter) Lincoln is known for the Emancipation Proclamation; not freeing Slaves but Emancipation from God; the post Civil War CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES provides no rights for Citizens as the Constitution of the United States once did.Ulysses S Grant was face to face with armed Confederate sodiers at Chattanooga who saluted him.History records Lee as a Christian; albeit one who forgot "Love God" and "Love our Neighbor" and "Thou shall not kill"; Lee's brand of Christianity was learned at West Point, a follower of Emanuel Swedenborg's "New Church of Jerusalem"; maybe Lee should have read Rev 11:8 where Jesus calls Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt".

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Mat Jesus divides His followers from everyone else.